Consultant Pharmacist

Photo of SharonSharon Doolan

Sharon is an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist. She has been accredited for consulting patients in their homes for Medication Review for nearly 20 years.

Sharon provides the service of Home Medication Review (HMR) for patient’s at TMP following a referral from the patient’s Doctor.

The HMR program aims to improve the quality use of medicines and reduce adverse medication events. The HMR provides medication information to the patient. This is undertaken through a comprehensive medication review which is conducted by Sharon in the patient’s home.

The program involves cooperation between the GP, Pharmacist, patient (or carer), community Pharmacist and other health professionals. HMR provides the patient with further knowledge and understanding about medicines, both prescribed and other non-prescribed medications (over-the-counter) or additional natural medicines.

In order for a patient to be eligible for a HMR, they must have a current Medicare or DVA card and live in the community setting. The patient’s GP identifies a clinical need that the patient will benefit from a HMR and obtains patient consent for this Government funded service. Some of the criteria for a HMR include patient’s with multiple medications, those prescribed a new medications, those who have had recent hospital admission, those with cognitive, hearing, vision or dexterity problems and those taking high-risk medications.

During the HMR, the accredited Pharmacist;

  • identifies all medicines used by the patient (including prescription and over-the-counter medicines)
  • compiles a comprehensive list of medicines prescribed by all the patient’s prescribers
  • identifies use of unnecessary, suboptimal or duplicate medicines and doses
  • determines the patient’s understanding of the medicines including correct administration methods (eg; eye drops, inhalers, patches)
  • provides education on the patient’s medicines and answers any questions the patient may have
  • assess relevant drug-drug and drug-disease interactions, monitoring requirements and adverse effects
  • identifies adherence issues and assesses the need for compliance aids (eg; medication packs, dosette devices)
  • addresses practical aspects of medicine management including access, storage and disposal

Sharon has been performing HMR service for TMP for the last 5 years and works closely with the Nursing team at TMP. She liaises with the GP’s providing a comprehensive medication report about the HMR medication outcomes.